Prosecutor called me regarding my disclosure , need advice!

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Prosecutor called me regarding my disclosure , need advice!

Unread post by RikAmirnov on

This is the voicemail I received:

"Hello my name is Maggie Good , I am a prosecutor from Hamilton. We have received your request for disclosure although the ticket number that you gave us does not match your name , if in fact this is the correct ticket number please give us a call back and we will have to dig deeper.

-Notes : The ticket was issued to Same first name Completely wrong last name just same first initial ( I got the early resolution letter with this name)

Is this grounds for ticket being thrown out ?
Should I call them back ?

THE charge was improper lane change, 154 (1) (a)

All opinions are welcome , advice also :)

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Unread post by hwybear on

The charging document is what you got at roadside and should be accurate.

The notice of trial just advises of the court date.

You might want to double check your request letter to ensure you indicated the correct offence number on it.
Above is merely a suggestion/thought and in no way constitutes legal advice or views of my employer.

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