question about sign visibility

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question about sign visibility

by: kingstonguy on
Thu Nov 04, 2010 10:51 am

Hi there, i got a ticket recently for "disobey sign", i.e. turning left at an intersection with a no-left-hand-turn sign. The problem is, i decided to turn left while waiting at the red light, and from where I was stopped at the intersection it is impossible to see the sign prohibiting the turn. The sign is set back from the intersection about 15ft for approaching vehicles but if you are first in line at the intersection (which I was), you can't see it.

We even debated while waiting at the red light whether turning left was legal, and decided it must be since there was no sign!

There are plenty of signs mounted across the intersection, so whoever placed this sign had options and made a poor choice.

I have scanned regulation 615 for something but i can only find the 60m rule, being able to see a sign from 60m away. Is there a specific rule about being able to see the sign for an intersection from the stopping line???

Also, is it possible to find out when a sign was put up? Who do you ask about that?

Thanks in advance.
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by: Radar Identified on
Thu Nov 04, 2010 2:26 pm

Not sure about while being at the intersection. If, however, the sign was visible for at least 60 metres, you probably don't have much of a case. You could try to plea-bargain to a municipal by-law infraction instead of the HTA 182 (2) Disobey Sign. As for putting the sign up, each sign requires a by-law. If this happened in Kingston, contact the City of Kingston and they should be able to tell you where to find it (probably city archives).
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