Got a Failing to obey signs traffic ticket?
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Disobey Traffic Sign Under Hta 182 (2)

by: sohan6996 on

I have been given a ticket for 2 points and $110 fine for disobeying sign under section 182 (2). Fact: At 7:55 am, I was driving on the Scarborough golf club road and turned right at Dunelm street where a "no turn sign between 7-9 am" existed . As soon as I turned right, I realized that there was a no turn sign. So I reversed my car and came on to the Scarborough golf club road again. While I was reversing my car, a car behind me was giving a horn and a police officer was observing the whole situation who was already there before. Anyway, the police officer came after me and stopped me on Scarborough Golf club road saying I reversed my car while I saw him and gave me ticket. Whereas, I stopped my car and reversed as soon as I released that there was a "no right turn sign", I saw him after that. He said that he has got a video record of the situation. My argument is that he stopped me on Scarborough golf club road that proved that I reversed my car. I obey the traffic rule, that's why I reversed my car as soon as I realized that I was in a wrong direction, I saw the officer after that. Is there any chance to win the case? I would truly appreciate your any small contribution. Thank you in advance.

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by: Zatota on

The simple fact is you made the turn. You can't "unmake" it. You're lucky the officer didn't charge you with careless driving for reversing while there were people behind you and turning in reverse back onto Scarborough Golf Club Road.

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