Disobey Sign - Highway Traffic Act Sect 182 (2)

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Disobey Sign - Highway Traffic Act Sect 182 (2)

by: Ronnie13 on

Hello all

I got pulled over in December 2017 for making a right turn at a street with no right turn during 730am - 930am

I went last year to go to trial hoping the prosecutor would lower to a bylaw infraction but no luck from either the cop or prosecutor. Pretty much told me, "I could lower it to a TMC but out of my x years of doing this, I can tell you there isn't one." I wasn't prepared at all as she was asking for a section, so instead she said you can ask to move your trial date, so here we are...

Now to prepare, i found out the TMC I would ask to be charged would be § 950-504. Turning movements.

A. Prohibited turns.

When official signs to that effect are displayed, no person shall in any intersection or

portion of highway set out in Schedule XXIII in § 950-1322, while proceeding in the

direction or emerging from a property set out in Schedule XXIII, turn a vehicle in the

direction set out in Schedule XXIII, during the times and/or days set out in

Schedule XXIII.

But I found online, the sign i disobeyed was the below.

BY-LAW 221-2017


after doing some digging, I noticed they had a new by-law set in July 2018

BY-LAW 1171-2018


Could this be enough to throw the case out since the sign isn't even updated with the new sign?

The disclosure clearly states 730am-930am

thanks all!

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by: Zatota on

No. The sign was correct at the time of the alleged offence. The fact that the by-law was changed subsequently does not affect the validity of the charge.

You may have difficulty having the HTA charge changed to TMC, as municipal by-laws are relied upon to set the prohibited days/hours that are referenced in s. 182 of the HTA.

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