Charged 182 (2) - No Parking Sign

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Re: Charged 182 (2) - No Parking Sign

by: viper1 on

Stanton wrote:
viper1 wrote:you don't say what city?

However most have an exception for delivery vehicles.

I believe it's Timmins.

The problem is that he wasn't charged under a bylaw, but the HTA. Because of that whatever exemptions the City may have wouldn't apply.

Then it looks like the cop has nothing better to do.

Attend court on the date they specify.(I wouldn't ask for disclosure)

Don't check in don't say anything.(make sure your case is on the docket)

Just be there.

Sit in court wait until they call your name.(they must call it 3 times if on docket)

They might just do everyone else first and you may be there until the end.

I doubt the cop will stay all day.

Good luck



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by: AcaciusSwanson on

Yes it is Timmins,, not sure if i even included that information, .. seems like nobody really can convince me that i am guilty of this *EDIT*. i have not done anything yet regarding disclosure , not sure if i go to city hall, or the police station here. but i think i will wait till after the holidays its been really busy for me. I wonder what the judge will think about this lol.. definatley understand to only speak of relevant information pertaining to be charged under HTA section 182(2). Like i need to know how court is.. like do i get to ask the policeman questions? Can i ask him what different signs mean? Can i ask him to explain the difference between PARKING, STANDING, STOPPING as per HTA? Can i ask him if he was aware of my job position considering ive been ticketed from him before for doing the same thing? i just feel nervous, like i just need to know the exact formalities if anyone cares to share that 411.

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