Flashing Front Bicycle Light On Motorcycle

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Flashing Front Bicycle Light On Motorcycle

by: torque133 on

I did a lot of googling on this and cannot find anything. I want to avoid a ticket.

Recently I noticed how visible a bicyclist was during the day with his flashing white light operating. He was coming towards me from at least 200 yards and really stood out.

So I thought, why not add this to my motorcycle. It would really help when approaching intersections these days.

Yes, I know there are modulators, and it seems that in recent years there are reports of some OPP ticketing them for improper lighting.

To be clear, I propose leaving all stock lighting as is, and just adding the white flashing bicycle light facing forward.

Anyone have experience or opinion on the legality of this in Ontario?

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by: DCamM on

In my opinion, the best light for motorcycle conspicuity is made by SKENE DESIGN. Google "Photon Blaster".

They pulsate just enough to catch a driver's eye, but not enough to really be much of a distraction.

***I am not a lawyer, I have no legal qualifications and my opinions could well be wrong***.
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by: bobajob on

Canadian Code of Regulations Governing Motorcycle Headlight Modulators in Canada

More: Motorcycle Safety Page | Technical Articles Page

Version fran§aise

NEW: Revision 4

Technical Standards Document No. 108, Revision 4 — Lamps, Reflective Devices, and Associated Equipment

See this link: Section S7.9 Motorcycles

Effective Date: June 9, 2007

Mandatory Compliance Date: December 9, 2007

S7.9.4 Motorcycle headlamp modulation system

S7.9.4.1 A headlamp on a motorcycle may be wired to modulate either the upper beam or the lower beam from its maximum intensity to a lesser intensity, provided that:

(a) The rate of modulation shall be 240 ± 40 cycles per minute.

(b) The headlamp shall be operated at maximum power for 50 to 70 percent of each cycle.

(c) The lowest intensity at any test point shall be not less than 17 percent of the maximum intensity measured at the same point.

(d) The modulator switch shall be wired in the power lead of the beam filament being modulated and not in the ground side of the circuit.

(e) Means shall be provided so that both the lower beam and upper beam remain operable in the event of a modulator failure.

(f) The system shall include a sensor mounted with the axis of its sensing element perpendicular to a horizontal plane. Headlamp modulation shall cease whenever the level of light emitted by a tungsten filament light operating at 3000 degrees Kelvin is either less than 270 lux (25 foot-candles) of direct light for upward pointing sensors or less than 60 lux (5.6 foot-candles) of reflected light for downward pointing sensors. The light is measured by a silicon cell type light meter that is located at the sensor and pointing in the same direction as the sensor. A Kodak Gray Card (Kodak R-27) is placed at ground level to simulate the road surface in testing downward pointing sensors.

(g) When tested in accordance with the test profile shown in Figure 9, the voltage drop across the modulator when the lamp is on at all test conditions for 12 volt systems and 6 volt systems shall not be greater than 0.45 volt. The modulator shall meet all the provisions of this TSD the standard after completion of the test profile shown in Figure 9.

(h) Means shall be provided so that both the lower and upper beam function at design voltage when the headlamp control switch is in either the lower or upper beam position when the modulator is off.

For more information, contact:

Motor Vehicle Standards and Research Branch

Road Safety and Motor Vehicle Regulation Directorate


Ottawa, Ontario

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