Speeding Information. Sos!

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Speeding Information. Sos!

by: jude on

I am doing some research on the future ticket + fines i will have to pay for speeding.

I was going 113 on a 70 road, but the officer said that he followed me and i was going 113 on a 60 road as well. He turned on his lights and stopped me in the 70, but the car was towed because he claimed i exceeded 50 km in the 60 zone.

i have only a g2. what will happen to my license and how may i avoid getting it suspended? :( :( :( :(

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by: Radar Identified on

Get in touch with a paralegal. X-Copper is our website sponsor so I'd recommend talking to them first. They will be able to guide you through the process. This is the best way to avoid any further suspensions. However, to help them with the case, I'd recommend first re-visiting the area in which you were allegedly speeding.

When you re-visit the area, try to remember the details. See where this "60" zone is. Figure out where you first noticed the officer, how far he followed you, and where he stopped you. Take notes and observations, write down as much of your discussion with the officer as you can remember. The more information you have for the paralegal, the better. The paralegal will work on things like disclosure and preparation for trial.

The paralegal will try to work a couple of different angles, including stays, plea-bargains and winning at trial. Also keep your receipts for the towing and impound charges; in the event of conviction, some Justices have been asking to see them and have reduced the "minimum" fine accordingly. (Example: Driver paid about $600 in impound/towing fees, JP fined him $1400.) The Justice of the Peace may not do it, but some of them have been.

50-over is something that you really should have professional help with. While it is possible to get up to $10 000 in fines if convicted, that is very unlikely and in the event that you do get convicted, if you show remorse and that you've "learned" something, so to speak, they'll likely give you the minimum fine of $2000 or less. This offence carries 6 demerit points, so even if the Justice decides not to suspend your licence any further on the basis of the offence itself, MTO will suspend it because of too many points on your G2. Then, of course, there's the insurance premiums to worry about.

So, definitely get the paralegal on this one. That's your best option. Good luck with it.

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