What Do You Suggest I Do? 30 Over In 80 Zone, Owen Sound

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What Do You Suggest I Do? 30 Over In 80 Zone, Owen Sound

by: ttrystru on

Hey guys, Im new to this forum, but anyways heres the sad story. Me and and 2 friends were going camping somewhere in Owen Sound. Im driving my car and after passing a few cars on a single lane road get a ticket. The officer was nice enough to reduce it from 38 over to just 30 over, 120 in 80 zone, however its still 4 points. This will be my 4!! ticket. Now, what do u guys suggest I do?

- Take it to court, ill have to show up at a court in Owen Sound, and i think they'll get me a date pretty soon since its a small town, not Toronto.

- Just pay the 300 dollar fine

- or get those paralegal guys to deal with it, probably, 300$ also.

Im depressed, and freaking out over this ticket since my insurance is allredy 350$ one way, partly because its a new car.

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by: Radar Identified on

I'd fight it. Four tickets is going to shoot your insurance to the top of Mount Everest. If you get a paralegal to fight it, find out if they'll fight it all the way, or if they'll just plea-bargain for you. If they're just going to plea-bargain it down to 15 over, which is zero demerit points, you can do that yourself. It would save you the $300 on the paralegal fees but get the same result. Now, if the paralegal is going to really fight it, then it's worth paying the money for their help.

If you want to take it to court yourself, the first step is to send in the ticket to fight it, then request disclosure. It's a bit of work but if you want to take on the challenge, it's a possibility. From the disclosure package, you can work on a defence. Check out www.ticketcombat.com and we also have some good threads on preparing for speeding trials (specifically look for neo333's posts).

The only way to make your insurance go down is to get those tickets off your record, and not accumulate any more. It will take time for the tickets to drop off your record (insurance companies look back 3 years for most traffic offences).

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by: Reflections on

ttrystru wrote:This will be my 4!! ticket

. Now, what do u guys suggest I do?

Stop getting caught, or stop doing stuff that'll get you tickets..........

http://www.OHTA.ca OR http://www.OntarioTrafficAct.com
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