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They Might Not Let Me Represent My Wife?

by: coolcustomer on

While I was talking on the telephone at the court office, I was told that the Jp might not let me represent my wife in her involvement in speeding and they say that my request to represent her myself might be denied. Now yes she is involved with the speeding charge, yes, I was in the car. My original thread was named "Doing exactly 130 kph's in a 90 zone." We absolutely cannot both make. So I am going just myself along with all her signed and dated statements of the our recollection along with a note saying that she is allowing me to represent her.

Isn't this a charter of rights infringement? My parents owned a small business and if he hired a plumber to do his house and a roofer, a deck builder. He would have retired broke, it's the same deal here. What the hell, off the bat they're telling me I might not be professional enough and it's the JP's Choice. They said it has something to do with the possibility of further incriminating my wife wich has happened in the past. Any advice? Is this one of these tactics to speed up the process cause really I aim to do the exact opposite.

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by: Greatest Canadian on

You can represent her but you cannot be paid money or other valuable consideration. She can't agree to give you sex or buy you dinner. Nothing.

If you get in court and don't know what you're doing the court can stop you from representing you.

But you don't even need to go to court to beat this ticket.

Did you already send in notice pleading not guilty and requesting a trial?

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