Help! My Trial Is Tomorrow. Speeding 136kph In A Posted 100k

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Help! My Trial Is Tomorrow. Speeding 136kph In A Posted 100k

by: fairsfair07 on

Help! My trial is tomorrow. Speeding 136kph in a posted 100kph zone. I should have

asked for disclosure much earlier but will try to obtain this from the Crown before the trial, then ask for an adjournment re inadequate disclosure. Not sure this will work(?).

The info on here from NEO and others has been very helpful. Thanks guys! Two main questions . This was an officer in an unmarked car on 401 hwy following me for it seems about 10 to 15minutes in the dark on Thanksgiving weekend. Extremely busy.

I am guessing he would use Genesis II Select Directional as opposed to Genesis VP unit.

Is there a TRACKING HISTORY required with the Select unit?

Re the maintenance and calibration sticker, is this also required on the Genesis II Select?--- which I have heard in other trials has a self test button, and the court seems to accept this as final re proof of the accurate operation of the unit.

If the test questions dont work in the Cross, the independent recall factor will be very useful. I will use it to establish doubt in the identity, as he followed for so long(he told me this) and he stopped the wrong vehicle. The traffic was very frantic. There were lane changes. Not sure how I can get him to admit this, and show the possibility of losing sight. Also not sure how the tracking radar works to keep him on target. I need to see the manual to understand that. I have my request for disclosure of all the same items that NEO asked for in his 5 requests for disclosure ready to hand to the crown

and the officer tomorrow.

I look forward to your help especially in answer to the two questions re the TRACKING TEST(CAN tracking history BE REFERRED TO AS A TRACKING TEST?) – AND RE THE CALIBRATION STICKER.

Thanksgiving will never be the same again.

Thanks again.

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