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Being Picked On By An Officer

by: brenner on

First off, I just want to say that I have a clean driving record. I have never had an accident, and no speeding tickets whatsoever in the last 9 years. I am a responsible 29 year old guy, but somehow have received two tickets in two weeks in the same place by the same officer. Sound odd?

First let me describe the area. I drive this route every day to work. It is a municipality funded stretch of double laned "highway" in London that starts at 100km/hr reduces to 60 then 50 really quickly. I've always coasted down with no problems, but a couple weeks ago an officer stopped me on foot, as they had a trap set up. He said he had me at 80 in the 50 zone, and I dont feel that its possible as I was still coasting and had started going uphill. I told him I was coasting and fair enough he issued a ticket, suggesting I put it in court. He must have tagged me way back (probably in the 60 zone.)

Now, today, the same officer, the same spot. Thing is, I wasnt coming the same way, I had purchased gas at the intersection 2 blocks before his radar trap. As I exited the station, a guy pulled a fast right turn behind me and I was required to accelerate to keep ahead of him as I had already committed to the lane. He steps out with his hand up and pulls me over AGAIN. This time he said i was 20 over, and hadnt even made 3rd gear yet so i dont feel that was correct.. I explained my situation and he said again, take it up in court.

I do not drive like a maniac. I drive a LOT and have never had trouble like this before. I don't mind owning up to my mistakes, and I was going to let the first one go, but now I feel I have to stand up for myself and say something. I dont really care about the money, but I would like to keep my points clean and my insurance down. It would be nice to hear what people here had to say and I appreciate any suggestions.


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by: Radar Identified on

Highbury Avenue (or something like that)?

There are a couple of things you can do. The main thing at this point is to put the paperwork in to fight the tickets, and make disclosure requests so that you can get the Crown's evidence against you.

They may offer to drop one of the charges in exchange for pleading guilty to the other. If you're comfortable with it, it's one option. Regardless, keep us posted on what you find out, we'll try to help you along the way.

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by: hwybear on

brenner wrote: received two tickets in two weeks in the same place by the same officer. Sound odd?

does not sound odd at all. The traffic unit must set up there A LOT. I don't live in London, but even from the half dozen times I go each year, I have seen cruisers in the same place.

There are a couple areas in London that I see and hear about collisions almost daily, might this be one of those areas?

Above is merely a suggestion/thought and in no way constitutes legal advice or views of my employer.
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