30k over and need a key to get out of the radar trap

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30k over and need a key to get out of the radar trap

by: candu238 on
Sat Dec 17, 2011 11:57 pm

Going to court Monday morning to fight a 90 in a 60.
So I'm heading west on hwy 89 leaving Alliston; going from a 60 into a 80. Our local police like to ensure the safety of the cows and crops by placing a radar trap 50 meters before the 80k sign. I'm at the front of a group of three or four cars and can clearly see two unmarked cruisers ahead, parked drivers window to drivers window. I pass them and wonder if I'm going to be pulled over. Of course I'm checking my mirror to see if I'll be separated from the rest of the pack and taken down. I'm beginning to feel relieved a k down the road; no cruiser, no flashing red & blue. But no luck, he finally shows, and I turn off hwy 89 and pull over.

I'd like to get the charge dropped based on:
- officer distracted by other officer in second cruiser
- officer vision is impaired by looking through second cruiser
- radar impaired and ubstructed by second cruiser
- officers delay in pursuit may indicate uncertainty

This part of the highway really looks and feels like an 80, with a 60kph sign back 1.1km in town. Also the 7th concession south, which is an unposted 80kph ramps on to hwy 89 between the 60kph sign and the 80 kph sign. Could this make it an "80kph unless posted otherwise"? No one coming from the 7th to 89 would know they are going into a 60.

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