144km in 100/km by OPP Aerial Surveillance

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by: Radar Identified on
Tue May 04, 2010 5:08 pm

Where did you get pulled over?

Good news is, at the very worst, there should be an opportunity for a plea-bargain to a lesser speed, like 29 km/h over the limit, or less. That would be the route I'd take, unless one of the officers (the observer or the one who stopped you) does not show up... or if disclosure is not complete.

Bad news... charges laid by the aircraft are difficult to beat. The officers who are involved with the operation are experienced traffic officers who know how to properly gather and record evidence for the offence.

The speed is determined with a stopwatch, which gives the time and speed between the hashmarks painted on the highway (500 metres apart). There is actually less of a chance to challenge the accuracy, because a stopwatch does not have a relatively complicated testing or specific use procedure, unlike a lidar or radar device.

There have been a few cases against the Aircraft Enforcement Program that were successful... however... I can count them all on one hand. :shock:
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