137 km/h in a 100 km/h - Chatham-Kent (Blenheim) - 1st Tic

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137 km/h in a 100 km/h - Chatham-Kent (Blenheim) - 1st Tic

by: js812 on
Fri Jul 22, 2016 4:09 pm


First, I appreciate all of the useful information everyone on this forum has been contributing to. I have searched the forums and seen a lot of useful information which has helped me gain insight into the process and possible outcomes of Option 3.

I am a resident of Michigan, and was driving through the Chatham area. OPP was right under a bridge. I saw him and braked while passing under the bridge in the left lane. He pulled me over, and came to the window saying he was pulling me over because I was going 137 km/h. He saw the Michigan plates and asked where I live. Tried arguing that I don't come to Canada often, and my car's speedometer only lists miles not km. He said my speed converts to about 85 mph, but I honestly don't think I was going that. I said I don't think I was at that speed, and was following traffic. He said it was 137 and said at the beginning of Highway 401 there is a sign that says 100 km/h = 60 mph. I must've missed that in all honesty. He asked for the license, registration, and insurance and went back to his car. He came back within 5-7 minutes, and issued me a ticket. He stated he was reducing the fine to +15 km/h which carries zero points in Ontario. I asked if he knew if it would carry over to Michigan, and he stated he didn't know. Said to be careful getting back on the highway. That was that. I proceeded to pull back onto the road. He did also, and passed in front of me. Continued a while until the next bridge and turned there. I went on my way.

I found out after calling the Secretary of State (similar to the DMV/MTO) that +15 km/h is 1 demerit point in Michigan, and the ticket would carryover to my record.

After reading this forum, the obvious thing to do is Option 3, and request disclosure after receiving the notice of trial. I will do so and post once I receive it. Again, appreciate everyone who has helped others with this.

I know there isn't really anything lower than this charge in HTA Sec 128, and its no points in ON. I have been driving for the past 7 years now with no tickets. Absolutely clean record, and I know in Michigan, sometimes the courts will alter the charge to something that doesn't appear on a driving record.

1. Is it at all possible to request a bylaw so that it could be "reduced" to a non-moving violation?
____a. What are the chances of this actually happening in Blenheim?
____b. Would my driving record possibly help persuade this somehow?

2. How likely is it that the officer would appear at a trial in Blenheim?

3. Any other suggestions you may have for me?

Thank you!
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