Speeding Ticket - Was convicted - Never got notice of trial

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Speeding Ticket - Was convicted - Never got notice of trial

by: Nowisthetime on
Thu Jan 10, 2013 11:20 pm

I got a speeding ticket 74km in a 50km zone last Feb 2012 in Milton.

I immediately filed for trial.

I never received a notice of trial. In September I was wondering why I hadn't received anything yet.

I then got a letter from ministry of transportation saying I had 6 points now in total and it was a warning letter. It showed that I had been convicted for this last speeding ticket and they showed the trial date which had just passed.

I ended up going to the court and requesting that they cancel the conviction because I never was informed.

I found out that they sent it to my street but to 79 instead of 78 which is my house.
I asked who was at fault. It was clear that my ticket showed the correct address, so the clerk who entered the information made a mistake.

The JP accepted my request and cancelled the conviction and reopened the case.

Near end of November I received the notice of trial which is set for March 12, 2013. This would be 13 months after my original ticket.

On Jan 1st, 2013 I submitted a fax request for disclosure 9 days ago.

Since this was a mistake of the court and I'm now 13 months after the ticket, any ideas as to the best way to win this case.

Thank you.
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