27km/h over limit: Officer said he doesn't have a ticket but handed me one

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27km/h over limit: Officer said he doesn't have a ticket but handed me one

by: hide1000 on
Fri Mar 30, 2018 11:25 pm

Hello all, my first post and first speeding ticket.

I got pulled over for driving 27km/hr over speed limit, 60km/hr, rushing to a Good Friday service at a church. When the officer approached my vehicle, I presented with him all document he needed before he told me what the offence was or what he needed. After he spelled everything out, i.e. going at 87 in 60 zone and he caught it on radar and camera, I told him I had no excuse and asked him to just do what he has to do.

I was cooperative and didn't give him a stink face. He went back to do his thing and came back a few minutes later. He said because I had been good to him so he'll be good to me and he doesn't "have a ticket" but had to give me *this*, handed me the offence notice, since he had to "be fair"; by this point I was really confused as this is my first speeding ticket and kept thinking I must've heard something wrong. Then he proceeded to explain the available options: pay the set fine and 3 demerit points; meet with prosecutor and ask if s/he will reduce the speed to 15 over - lower fine, 0 points; go to court and challenge "[him] and [his] equipment". I just replied okay to everything and he left after wishing me a good day. In hindsight, I should've confirmed what he said and asked for clarification, I know, stupid on my part.

I am still confused here. Why would he have said/done that? What could he have meant? Was he implying that he's not going to file the certificate of offence? Do officers do things like this? Was he just acting nice (I notice no fatal errors on the ticket)? Or am I just going crazy?

I still plan on selecting the trial option, is this a good idea?
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by: Jasongoodburn on
Sun Jan 13, 2019 12:06 pm

This has happened to me in similar circumstances. Double check your ticket. It may be missing a signature or other information that will invalidate it, but it seems you have checked that.

Or he just has a warped sense of humour and is playing with the words used for a provincial offense notice versus "ticket". He must be a riot down at the Station.
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