120 km/h in 100 km/h zone while merging

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120 km/h in 100 km/h zone while merging

by: sid on
Wed Aug 15, 2012 10:11 am

Looking for some help with this charge. I was entering the East bound lanes of the 401 on a very long on ramp. As traffic was moderate to high, I was not looking at my speed while attempting to merge into the flow of traffic. The on ramp was very long due to it was on a large curve in the highway. As I approached the area which allowed me to merge, I punched the gas in order to move into an opening in the flow of traffic. I merged into the right hand lane and looked in my rear view mirror to see the traffic was still coming up on me fast. I signalled my intention to change lanes to the centre lane, and again gave the car some gas to safely merge into this lane. Just as i got into the centre lane, all traffic began to brake heavily. As I started to brake, I saw the OPP sitting under the overpass. Not sure why he came after me, but given I was driving a 350 Z, I guess I was the high profile target. Officer issued me a ticket for 120 in 100 and said I was doing 135km/h. I have requested disclosure and have recieved it.

Here is my question. I was in the East bound lanes when I was detected with the radar. The Disclosure form which states the officer was qualified LIDAR operator and successfully completed instruction and testing has an error on it. It say he was monitoring the WEST bound traffic. He was in fact on the East bound side of the highway. Anyone think this error could be helpful???????
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