Very Concerned

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Very Concerned

by: Richard Lee on

I was pulled over by the Police on Sunday March 13, 2016 in centretown Ottawa! To my surprise they had given me a yellow ticket with driving while license under suspension! They took my license and made me find someone to drive my car home or leave it at the side of the road! I phoned a friend and made it home safe!

I was pretty confident i did nothing wrong and my previous traffic fine had been paid by a contract agreement with a car dealer in the city! I recently purchased a new car and the dealer had stated that all traffic tickets and fines will be paid by the dealership in order to get a plate permit tag and to contact my insurance company!

However to m de-fault i checked my mail box today ( first time in approx 2 weeks ) there was a notice from the Ministry of Transportation stating my licenses had been in-fact been suspended until all fines are paid in full! My stupidity on not checking my mail box every other day**** little too late! I don't get much mail....reason for not checking! My mistake on that!

I contacted my car dealership today and asked him if they honored what they told me by paying my fines as part of the contract agreement and the dealer was 100% on paying the fines off and adding the amount to my balance of the new car payment!

I would have not gotten the car's permit tag for the plates if the traffic ticket was not paid!

I need some assistance or if anyone can give me some positive feedback before i go to the courts on Wednesday March 16, 2016

Thank you for reading this post, i a little stressed and i may have not articulated this the best!

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by: Decatur on

Only parking tickets affect the ability to renew a licence plate. The dealership would never had known that you had an outstanding fine under the HTA as they are paid at a local court.

The suspension of a drivers licence is a totally separate and distinct process. You need to go to your local court, pay the outstanding fine and then pay a $150 reinstatement fee to get your drivers licence back before you go to court. The prosecutor may take this into consideration and make a deal with you regarding the drive while suspended charge.

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