Question regarding video evidence in disclosure.

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Question regarding video evidence in disclosure.

by: mnstrcck on
Thu Dec 22, 2011 5:45 am

Hi All,

First off, happy holiday season!

My question is regarding requesting video evidence as part of the disclosure. In my particular case, I was told by the officer that his dash cam had recorded the entire incident. He also had a personal video recording device on his person and our exchange was recorded. I will be asking for this video evidence, especially the dash cam footage, as part of my disclosure. If I do not receive it, even after multiple requests, would the prosecutor's unwillingness to present it in court work for me in the eyes of the JP?

I am pretty sure that the dash cam footage in my case would show that I did not in fact break any laws. I of course won't know it until I see it, but it would be an invaluable asset in building my defense.

Anyone have any experience with situations as this? Anything I should expect?

Thanks kindly!
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