Careless Driving - video evidence

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Careless Driving - video evidence

by: akarimov on
Thu Jan 05, 2012 7:46 pm

My dad was passing a scene of accident. I guess the was not paying attention to the road and hit the vehicle that stopped on the red light in front of him.
Damage on our car - broken bumper/radiator/condenser. Other car - just a dent.

Police officer charged my dad with the careless driving. His dash cam also caught the accident. Video shows: my dad slamming on the brakes, but not in time to stop and avoid the accident. My dad with his broken english, told the cop that he was looking at the other accident (I know, big mistake)

From what I've read, careless driving is serious charge and has a HUGE affect on insurance. Many on this forum, suggested to meet with prosecutor to take a lesser charge. With video evidence and confession, it would almost pointless to argue this charge in court. Am I correct? What would you guys recommend?
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