Got Rear Ended, automobile has fire/theft all with a twist

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Got Rear Ended, automobile has fire/theft all with a twist

by: magicdetour on
Sun Apr 07, 2013 10:29 pm

I got rear ended stopped at a red light driving a friends car which everyone thought had insurance as the papers are in the vehicle but it only had fire and theft protection. The friend got minimal insurance as he was away from the country for a while and had thought he reinstated the insurance again when he got back.

The hit was very hard and the friends car is most likely a write off and the cop has told me that the fault is the other driver. Also I have my own car and my own car insurance.

Here is what has happened after the accident:
We've already contacted the friends insurance company about the accident, as the friend totally forgot the car was only on fire/theft only. The insurance company just mailed out a letter stating that the car is on fire/theft only. I've been contacted in regards with getting treatment and have stated that i have my car insurance.

Some questions:
1. What are some of the implications for me and/or for my friend?
2. Will the car be paid out from the guilty parties insurance company?
3. What else should I do or not do?

Please try to be insightful and use your experience in your responses.
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