Driving under suspension - First Offence

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Driving under suspension - First Offence

by: HorseToHorsepower on
Fri Sep 28, 2012 11:31 am

I was recently pulled over for driving with a suspended license, however I had no idea the license was even suspended.

As per the advice of the cop, I went into the court where the conviction was and filed for an appeal for the 2 tickets which had caused the suspension and was told to call back in 5 business days to see if the appeal was granted. And from there, it would be another 3-4 business days to have the license reinstated if it was granted.

I also found out that the trial date was more than 12 months after the offence date, does this matter?

I didn't receive any documents for the tickets, nor did my representative inform me of a trial or even show up to my trial! No notice of trial, no notice of fine, nothing at all.

Is there anyway to expedite this process since I essentially live in the middle of nowhere, with no transit, and no car means I can't do a thing. My second occupation also requires a vehicle since I travel to numerous barns to teach.

In addition, would having the appeal granted and the license reissued help in fighting the Summons To Defendant I received for the driving under suspension?

Any advice would be appreciated.
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