Charged: Insecure Load Highway Traffic Act Section 111(2)

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Charged: Insecure Load Highway Traffic Act Section 111(2)

by: goatmilk4U on

I was pulled over last night. I was charged with "insecure load". I believe I will need to go to court. Why? because, i do not believe my load was insecure. The load i was carrying was extended out past the gate of my van. Flagged. and was tied with rope and weighted down, inside of my vehicle by a stove. The items i was carrying was NOT heavy and did not exceed my weight limit of my vehicle. I screwed long 2x4's together to support my load (plastic strips, lengths up to 12 feet). After accepting the ticket, i asked the officer how would i could have made the load anymore secure. The officer did not have an answer.

Note: The officer was NOT sure which violation i broke at first.

Long story short, i repacked the vehicle such that all the items were inside the vehicle.

Anyone have input, questions, suggestions what to do. I have transported items securely for many years in a smilar fashion and have never been pulled over. I am leaning towards going to court over this.... but not sure. Call me insecure...... but i am certain, my load was secured.

Thanks :wink:

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