The Careless Driving Charge!

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The Careless Driving Charge!

by: paralegal2006 on

This charge carries 6 points plus fines and possible suspension of your driving licence. Your insurance company WILL terminate the policy at once. Many peope think that they can just fight this charge easily, but that is not the case.

If you are hiring an AGENT, please understand his/her terms and also " What will they do for you"? Many agents state that they will win it for sure, but again that is not the case, if they can LOwer your careless down to another charge, it is a WIN to them......... This charge is one of the WORST charges in the HTA.


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by: hzafar on

Hello : i was charged with the careless driving in Brampton back in Dec 2008. Today was my first appearence. Luckily Officer didn't show up. Percecutor was very nice person. i approached him and asked him if officer is there just to confirm that officer is not there :lol: . He goes I AM THE ONE WHO WITH YOU GOING TO DEAL BUT ANY WAY HAVE A SEAT AND LETS SEE HOW IT GOES. just like anybody i said thank you . guess what no WITNESS (OFFICER) he dismissed the case. i came out clean. Now have belief Don't give the fight go all the way you might have the chance.

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