Careless Driving Rear ender

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Careless Driving Rear ender

by: ali_baby on
Sat Sep 18, 2010 8:48 pm

I was driving along at about 330 in the afternoon on a sunny friday, come to the top of a hill checked my mirrors (I had a lane change coming upand would have to be in the left lane). When I look back theres a van right there, needless to say I smoked them their trailer hitch totally destroys my work van. She had stopped short of the guy in front of her so when I hit her she hit him and her airbags deployed. I was maybe going 15 and braking when i hit her. I got charged with careless, and I was asking the officer something and he casually mentions that the woman I hit has a suspended licence (Yaay- which also means she has no insurance)
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