Careless Driving, rear-ended a car on slippery roads.

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Careless Driving, rear-ended a car on slippery roads.

by: Cnsa_2 on
Wed Dec 21, 2011 12:13 pm

Hello everyone,

So two days ago (Monday, December 19th 2011), I got into an accident on Mainway and Appleby Line in Burlington, Ontario. We were stopped at an intersection, and the green light came and we accelerated slowly. A big armored truck vehicle suddenly came to a stop beside a road island (which made no logical sense to stop at, he did not signal to turn either). A blue honda civic braked hard and dinged the big metal step at the back of the armored vehicle, but no significant damage done to either car. However, I braked hard, but due to slippery road conditions, I slid and rear-ended the honda civic, thus forcing the honda civic to break his front bumper on the armored truck, and causing my front end and his rear bumper to break. My front end is completely damaged, and the radiator at the front is leaking, and me and my parents have decided not to drive the van. We are instead going to replace it with another car.

I was charged $490 dollars for Careless Driving, but I do not know if I got any demerit points. The cop did not mention any demerit points, nor does my ticket mention anything about demerit points. Both the cop and the man in the honda civic told me to go ahead and contest this ticket to reduce my fine, and if there are any demerit points, that i get those lowered as well.

Do I get 6 demerit points even if the ticket and the cop did not mention anything about it?

How should I go about trying to reduce my fine and demerits, if any?
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by: Stanton on
Wed Dec 21, 2011 12:23 pm

If you're convicted of careless driving you'll get 6 demerit points, there is no way to change this. You either need to be found not guilty or work out a deal with the Crown to plead to a less serious charge which carries fewer demerit points. I would suggest at the very least seeking out a plea deal because you're insurance could easily double with a careless conviction. Read through the forum, there's lots of posts covering what steps to take.
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