Careless Driving - First Accident

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Careless Driving - First Accident

by: plmqaz on


Today I was stopped at a light waiting to turn left (in this particular intersection you can only turn right on left as it's low traffic "T" shaped.) once the light turned green, I checked the crosswalk and no pedestrians were around - all of a sudden I noticed a pedestrian walking out not in the crosswalk crossing the street. I lightly struck the pedestrian, and immediately stopped my vehicle to attend to the pedestrian which they indicated they were OK.

Two witnesses, one said she was in the crosswalk, other said she wasn't in the crosswalk.

I've been driving for 10+ years with absolutely no accidents, only 1 minor speeding charge 7+ years ago.

Another thing, at the scene the police officer issued me the charge, and let me go, and about 10 minutes later the officer proceeded to call me asking me for my insurance information, I couldn't provide it him as I was still driving - is the officer required to get this information BEFORE he lets me leave the scene?

Let me know what the best course of action is

Thanks alot.

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