Careless Driving Charge Withdrawn - Confirmation?

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Careless Driving Charge Withdrawn - Confirmation?

by: tom0927 on

Hi everyone,

I was charged with Careless Driving in Jan, and hired a paralegal to help me through the process. He showed up to the trial today ready to plead down to a 2pt fail to turn left charge. However, he said the cop was running late, and the witness that showed up couldn't recall what I looked like, so the prosecutor withdrawn the charge. (yay me!)

My question is, what's next? Will I get a letter confirmation from the courts that they withdrew the charge? I'm the type of person that would not feel like the issue is closed unless I have a written confirmation. If nothing comes from the courts automatically, what can I do to check that the charge was actually withdrawn? It's not that I don't trust my paralegal's word, but you know the government....


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Nope, no confirmation will be sent. You can, however, call the courthouse and see what their records show.

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