Bizzare Careless Charge - Brampton Queen St. - Help

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Bizzare Careless Charge - Brampton Queen St. - Help

by: koolaid25 on
Sun Mar 03, 2013 5:36 am

Here is the situation, that happened last night - Brampton, Ontario
I was driving my mother's car. I do not drive that often, and was going to visit my uncle in brampton.

- Driving westbound on Queen St. - In the left lane.
- Was going to make a left on Hansen Rd S.
- When I was in the left turn lane - I saw that on Hansen Rd S - that lane was blocked due to a tow truck dealing with a stalled car (or for whatever reason it was there)
- I came to the decision that it was unsafe to turn there at that moment.
- I merged from the left turning lane, back into the left driving lane - westbound Queen St.
- I was using all appropriate signals
- Checked all mirrors, had sufficient amount of time and space from cars coming from behind. No one had to stop, or slow down, due to me merging back into the left driving lane.
- Queen St westbound is 3 lanes. I decided I wanted to make a stop at Taco Bell, at the next light.
-Signaled to go to the middle lane - then into the right - Which is a must turn lane when you are arriving at Kennedy Rd.
- Again, all signals were used in every lane.
- Make a right onto Kennedy Rd - signal to go to the left lane - and then make a left into Taco Bell - Signals used.
- Pull into the drive thru. Another car was ordering. Waited. Few minutes go by.
- I then pull up to the speaker - And start my order. Order is placed. Cannot move, because the drive-thru is slow. But no one is behind me.
- Next thing I know - I have 2 cops coming towards me, sneaking around the corner of the drive-thru - Out of a scene of a SWAT movie!! - HANDS ON THEIR GUN - Telling me to put my hands up! They look HEATED - and yelling.
- I of course in total shock, complied. He then said turn the car off - take the keys out of the ignition - I did.
- He then comes to my door - Grabs the keys out of my hands - keeping my hands up.
- He says... What the hell am I doing...? Says were you robbing a bank or something? I thought you robbed a bank!!
-HUH?????? (thinking in my mind)
- I said I am sorry for anything I did. I am just here getting tacos.
- Are you that hungry, the cop asked? As I am seriously confused, and to tell you the truth - Almost crapping my pants!!
- Cops said to get my drivers license, insurance and ownership - took out my wallet, gave him my license and insurance slip. I said the ownership in the glove dept. and it is locked - He gave me back the keys - to open it up.
- Cops ordered everyone to clear the drive thru, and asked me to drive thru - and go park, right near where their unmarked cruiser was.
- I parked.
- 25-30 minutes later. I am still waiting in my car. -10 not including wind chill - window open, freezing cold and not being able to turn the car on for heat.
- He comes up to my car. Gives me a little speech. What you did on Queen was careless. I apologized to him, for whatever I did, but not admitting any guilt.
- He said here is a careless driving ticket. No real explanation of what exactly careless. Tells me I have 15 days to file. Drive safe and have a good night

I had to go into Taco Bell. Sit there for awhile, as I was still extremely in shock and really shaken up. Just got a pop. I couldn't eat now. My stomach was turning from what happened.

On the ticket - All it says, is "Careless Driving". Nothing else. I guess that is the norm.

I am still shaken up. Confused.

What should I do? Why was I pulled over in a Taco Bell drive thru - minutes later - Hands on their guns like a swat team - Asking to put my hands up, and not at the scene of the offense, not a big block , and a right turn, and left turn later???? Or at least on the same road of the offense.

Of course I am going to file option 3. I would just be happy as a reduced charge, at this point in time.
But I also feel a bit mad. I feel like fully fighting it. Not just settle.

I will also add the point that all around the intersection of Queen and Kennedy - There were THREE other cars being pulled over. It seems like a serious blitz.

Any help, advice and suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I am going to try and go back to sleep now. I had to get this off my chest.

Thanks to all who reply.
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by: Stanton on
Sun Mar 03, 2013 8:09 am

The best place to start is by requesting disclosure. Obviously your version of events does not support a charge of careless driving, so youll need to see what the officers allegations are. Id agree theres no point in accepting a plea to a lesser charge at this time until you know more. Select option 3 and get full disclosure.
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