130 in a 80 on highway 10 southgate owen sound

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130 in a 80 on highway 10 southgate owen sound

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So I got pulled over after the long weekend, me and my buddy in another car following me. So the cop told me he should of impounded my car and I should have a 10,000 fine but he said he called his boss and he made it a 120km/h in a 80 km/h. He told me if I take it to court it would be going back up to the 50 over ticket!!!
What should I do both me and my buddy got the same ticket it was a weird pull over because he got us both to pull over. :shock:

Also the ticket reads exactly as following:

at:10 highway township of Southgate
did commit the offence of: speeding 120km/h in a posted 80 km/h zone
contrary to: highway traffic act 128

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Please don't post the same topic twice. Follow this topic in "Exceed speed limit 30 to 49 KMH".

http://www.OHTA.ca OR http://www.OntarioTrafficAct.com


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