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JohnDeere wrote:I would like to see lane hogs (on multi-lanes) get charged with Section 147 more often. I bet more traffic and accidents are caused by the a55 who thinks that just because the speed limit is 100 that he can sit at that speed in the far left lane. people then get pissed and aggressive and switch lanes dangerously.

Whenever I travel the 401, I keep my speed below the 120km/hr and stay in the right lane. Around 100 to 105. If the speed limit is 100km/hr, then I could see being in the right lane and someone passing at 110, just to pass me. To me the 401 is just a farce, people doing 140,km/hr or better, in whatever lane they feel will move them ahead quicker. The law is the law. So someone doing anything over the 100 should get ticketed. It is a raceway for most drivers, and the police can't control it!!! But they will try and give you a ticket for driving too slow????

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