Turned Left In A Wrong Lane

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Turned Left In A Wrong Lane

by: hillyweekends on

Hi there, I am yet to receive a ticket, but since it was a red light scenario, I am a bit scared.

So I come to a junction in Oakville (sixth line and upper middle. There is a red light camera there - I went again to check). I am in the centre lane of a 3 lane street. The right lane turns right, left lane turns left. My lane goes straight. I religiously stop for the signal to turn green for the regular time. After a while, the light goes green.. and I proceed forward into the intersection to go straight... but I suddenly realize that what actually turned green was the left turn signal (and not the one going straight!!). Basically I made a misjudgement and entered an intersection when actually only those turning left should have entered. I realized my mistake and wondered as to what should be done (I am now in the intersection with left turn green and straight red). In a last ditch to cover up, I turn left, since the left is still green instead of waiting in the intersection.

Essentially, I entered the intersection in a lane that I should have not.. Will I get a ticket ?

Thanks in advance!!

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