Red Light Camera Ticket In Mississauga

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Red Light Camera Ticket In Mississauga

by: Plasticman on

Good day everyone!

I received a red light camera ticket 24.7. 2014 from the city of Mississauga and requested a meeting with the Prosecutor. The thing is it says that the offence occurred May 2014 and the conviction date was end of Jul 2014. However there are no pictures, no indication of speed time etc. I'm planning to defend myself using the ruling from the COURT OF APPEAL FOR ONTARIO regarding the admissibility of the photograph(s) as evidence (Waterloo (Regional Municipality) v. Yan, 2004 Can LII 32076 (ON C.A.)) which may assist some. The important sections of the ruling are 26-31. Essentially, the court ruled that the photograph "must" display the date, time and location of the offence either within the photograph itself or superimposed on it. The use of alpha-numeric values, without any means to interpret them, are not sufficient (32) (AS POSTED BY THE FORUM MEMBER Bee on June 19, 2009. Would anyone used this defence ? And did it work ? Any comments or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

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by: bend on

Didn't you already make a thread on this?

What you received wasn't a notice of the offense. You are way past that. There's no need for pictures or any proof with what you received. What you got was a letter informing you that basically you ignored the original notice and you've been found guilty.

I believe you said you never received a letter previously and that this was your first communication. You also said you were not the registered owner of the vehicle. A red light camera ticket would be sent to the owner of the vehicle and the fine would go against the plates, not the license. If you are not the owner, it wouldn't get sent to you.

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