Red Light Camera Ticket In A Fleet Vehicle

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Red Light Camera Ticket In A Fleet Vehicle

by: teratera on


Last summer I made a right turn at a red light in a company vehicle. The company got the ticket, figured I was driving the van at the time, and gave it to me.

I chose to get a trial set, since I was turning right, which is in September. But now that I think about it, this ticket isn't issued to me at all (I don't own the vehicle). I don't know if my company even has any proof that it was me driving that van on that day. Does anyone know if 1. I'm obliged to pay this ticket, and 2. I even have to go to trial over this ticket?

Thanks all.

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by: Stanton on

Since the driver cant be identified, red light camera tickets are the responsibility of the vehicle owner to look after and pay. If you were driving but arent the owner, there is nothing under the Highway Traffic Act that compels you to pay the fine, but the company has to.

That being said, many companies have policies in place that hold their drivers responsible for any parking tickets, fines, etc. that they accrue while operating company vehicles. The same goes for rental cars, where the rental companies hold you responsible for any tickets obtained in their vehicles while theyre under your control. Even without a policy, I think most civil courts would easily hold the driver accountable for the fine if it can be shown they were driving.

In short, you won't get in trouble with the MTO, but if your company can show you were driving you're probably on the hook to them.

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