Red Light Camera Ticket - Broken Down Truck On The Light

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Red Light Camera Ticket - Broken Down Truck On The Light

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I received a red light camera ticket today. I know when it was. Here is my case:

I was raining that day and I was in the center lane. I was approaching an intersection and there was a car in front of me and there was a truck. I was at a distance from the light when I discovered that the truck has broke down and it is stationary. The car at the front went for the right lane. There was incoming traffic in the right because of which I had to wait. So, I am approaching the truck slowly waiting for space in the right lane. As I come close to the truck, my view of the light is obstructed. I wait for the traffic to clear up in the right lane and then as the last car passes, I changed my lane and crossed the intersection. As, the truck was in front of me I couldn't notice that the light has changed to amber. As, I changed the lane and tried to pass it was still amber. It was raining and I was close to the stop line. I was not able to stop and thought I would be able to cross, just when the lights turns red. It was too late for me to brake and I had to pass.

A picture of my ticket is attached. Please, review and let me know if I have a chance to fight the ticket.


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by: bend on

As someone has already stated, a red light violation is an absolute liability. What this means is the red was either red or it wasn't. There is no in between, little bit red, couldn't see past the truck, or couldn't stop in time. Seeing how your defense does nothing to prove otherwise and the light is clearly red, you are considered guilty and rightfully so.

The good news is there's no demerit points involved and no insurance implications since it doesn't identify the owner of the vehicle. Simply pay up if you want to be able to renew those plates.

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