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New Forumer - Red Light Camera, Will I Get A Ticket If..

by: flmp on

So yesterday was halloween and i worked 12 hours. Of course, i was tired and just wanted to go home. As i was going home, theres the intersection where its the red light camera. Here's where it goes, i knew it was a red light, so i stopped my car and since it was a long day; i got distracted thinking that it was a green light by mistake but it was actually the "Left" green light. I even honked at to the one that was making the left turn on their side but realized it was my mistake. So i proceeded but stop after crossing the pedestrian lane and reversed my car to where i was back again. Waited for the green light and proceeded as usual.

Will i get a ticket? It would be nice if someone responds to this.

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by: Stanton on

Theoretically, yes, your actions could have activated the red light camera. If this was at night, you should have noticed a very bright flash from the camera if it actually activated. In your situation, the fact that you noticed your error and quickly stopped might have saved you. Red light cameras require you to hit a set speed (typically around 25-30 km/hr) before they activate. Since you stopped so quickly you might have prevented the camera from activating. In short, especially if you didn't see a flash, I wouldn't worry about it.

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