Disobey Sign 182

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Disobey Sign 182

by: bmiffed on
Mon Nov 26, 2012 8:14 pm

I received a ticket for disobey sign at the intersection of the southbound 427 off ramp onto the Queensway West. Officer told me there were 4 signs at the intersection. I did not see one. After circling around to see the intersection again I noted the following:
- construction on the off ramp closing down 3 right lanes provided a huge distraction
- sign in the right lane was obliterated by a tree
- sign posted under red light was more than 9 lanes away and but still standard size.
- 3 other signs were posted on an angle on the queensway traffic light standards facing the lane but this is not a direction that a motorist should be looking when at an intersection (I would hope)
- there is a 4th "merge" lane to make your right turn into onto the Queenway. This was why I had made my turn safely when I did. It is deceiving because you are led to assume the lane is there for that purpose..... it would server no other purpose.

My experience also included an impatient car behind me honking his horn to get me to make my turn. Not that I listened to the horn honking, I would only make the turn if it was safe to do so.... as I did. Also, in my return visit to the intersection a car in the 2nd right turn lane beside me came to a rolling stop and proceeded and crossed over 3 lanes of traffic on the Queensway immediately following the turn. Leading me to believe that these vehicles didn't see the sign either.

I questioned the officer how often he tickets at that intersection. His response was "there are a lot of accidents at that intersection so they have someone posted at the intersection most of the day". If this violation is so common then the multiple sign solution is not working.

Is it worth the effort to take this to court? I lost 2 points, I have never lost a point.
What is the "early resolution" option?
How can the government be pushed to make changes to the intersection to "make it safe"
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