Definitions, Ss. 88-100, Section 88

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Definitions, Ss. 88-100, Section 88

by: racer on

Definitions, ss. 88-100

88. In this section and in sections 89 to 100,

"Director" means the Director of Vehicle Inspection Standards appointed under section 89; ("directeur")

"licensee" means a person who is the holder of a motor vehicle inspection station licence issued under section 91; ("titulaire de permis")

"motor vehicle inspection mechanic" means a person who certifies by means of a safety standards certificate that a motor vehicle complies with the equipment and performance standards prescribed by the regulations; ("m©canicien pr©pos©   linspection des vehicules automobiles")

"motor vehicle inspection station" means any premises maintained or operated for the inspection of motor vehicles and the issuance of safety standards certificates or vehicle inspection stickers in respect of the motor vehicles; ("centre dinspection des vehicules automobiles")

"registrant" means a person who is registered as a motor vehicle inspection station mechanic under section 92; ("m©canicien inscrit")

"vehicle inspection record" means a form required to be completed in accordance with the regulations prior to the issue of a vehicle inspection sticker; ("fiche dinspection de vehicule")

"vehicle inspection sticker" means the device issued as evidence that the inspection requirements and performance standards referred to in section 85 have been complied with. ("vignette dinspection de vehicule") R.S.O. 1990, c. H.8, s. 88.

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