Protection From Personal Liability Sect 5.4

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Protection From Personal Liability Sect 5.4

by: racer on

Protection from personal liability

5.4 (1) No action or other proceeding for damages shall be instituted against the Minister, the Registrar of Motor Vehicles, a public servant, a delegate or agent of the Minister for anything done in good faith in the execution or intended execution of a power or duty under section 5.2 or 5.3. 2008, c. 17, s. 30.

Crown not relieved of liability

(2) Despite subsections 5 (2) and (4) of the Proceedings Against the Crown Act, subsection (1) does not relieve the Crown of liability in respect of a tort committed by a person mentioned in subsection (1) to which it would otherwise be subject. 2008, c. 17, s. 30.

See: 2008, c. 17, ss. 30, 49.
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