ticket to change punctured tire on fire route

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ticket to change punctured tire on fire route

by: barraymian on
Tue Nov 09, 2010 11:29 am

hi all,

I got a ticket a few months ago for parking at the fire route, I have challenged it and got a court appearance in a couple of days and I wanted to find out what i can do. here is what happened

I was dropping a friend at his house and he lives in those housing complex at 1 am at night. As soon as I entered the complex, my car went over a beer bottle, shattering it which punctured my tire. I stopped the car in front of my friend's house to drop him, looked at the tire which had leaked more than half of the air already. I put the emergency lights on and started to jack up my car to change the tire. This is when a parking guy shows up, hands me a ticket for parking in the fire route and that is when I realized an obscure hidden "fire route, no parking sign" which is hidden behind a fence and a tree btw. I told him that "dude, I have a tire punctured, i am changing it" and his response was "good" and he took off.

I replaced the tire, went to Canadian tire the next day to get it fixed and they told me that the puncture was so bad that it couldn't be fixed and I had to buy a new tire. btw, i confirmed with another mechanic about the puncture and he also said that it couldn't be fixed.

So I also have the receipt for the new tire from CT

Now, should this not be a simple one to win in the court? Should I simply tell the judge what I described above?

any help will be greatly appreciated

thank you
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by: beleafer81 on
Tue Nov 09, 2010 3:24 pm

Sounds reasonable. Take some pictures of the obsured sign though. That is what your case is over.
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