Code Confusion 403 or 405 & Tow Question

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Code Confusion 403 or 405 & Tow Question

by: bpp on
Wed May 14, 2014 9:37 am

Sorry a 2-part question
I received a similar parking ticket as another member (Meghan) specified as Code 403 on the ticket and indicated as
Stop-Signed Highway During Rush Hour Period (4-6 pm) $150.00 (!)
I was parked on Broadview Avenue and went over by 50 min

I'm confused when looking at the Toronto Municipal Codes Chapter 950 updated Feb 20 2014 as Code 403 seems to be for a
Safety Zone infraction whereas 405 is for Stopping & Parking Restrictions

Perhaps there's something I've missed/is there a possible error in the Code #?

To make matters worse my car was also towed which cost another $200+ including "storage' of an hour or so
The time it took to ascertain that my car had been towed and ultimately getting to Markham Road contributed to the 'storage' charge

1)There was no signage indicating "Vehicles are subject to towing" like there are down the street and there was
2) No indication of where or who I would call to locate my car (ultimately located on Markham Road)

Isn't there any requirement to post such information?

I'm from Waterloo and was unaware of the specific changes that had taken place in Toronto. It will be a long time before I make a visit to Toronto again except if there is a chance I could fight this matter in court. This was a first time experience for me in 30+ years of driving/parking.

Would appreciate (much) any assistance you might be able to provide.
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