Used Car Seller Liability

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Used Car Seller Liability

by: zhechaojin on

Hello, I sold my 2013 dodge dart a month ago. The buyer said that he would take the car to Alberta and register it there several weeks later when he finishes his university semester. I am a little paranoid what would happen if he does not register it and get into an accident? Will I be held liable?

I went to the service ontario and requested the 'sold status' placed on my VIN.

I returned my plates.

I cancelled my insurance ( I am worried maybe I shouldn't )

I have a picture of bill of sale and a letter agreement on the sale of the car. I also have text messages history.

Am I in clear if something happens? Is there anything else I can do to minimize risk? I am moving permanently out of Canada but this car sale keeps haunting me.

Thank you

Zhechao Jin

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by: ynotp on

You have done everything that you can do. The buyer is responsible for making the transfer into his name.

Keep an electronic copy of the records of sale and move on with your life.

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