Cell Phone Driving Ban In Effect. Get A Bluetooth Device Now

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Cell Phone Driving Ban In Effect. Get A Bluetooth Device Now

by: admin on

Cell Phone Driving Ban in Effect October 26, 2009. Get A BlueTooth Device Now to Avoid a Ticket!

Beginning on Monday, October 26, Ontario Canada will begin a cell phone ban while driving law. The state of California banned using cell phone while driving back in July of this year. For Ontario, Canada residents, this ban on cell phone usage in cars means anyone using a cell phone while driving will be immediately pulled over and ticketed; however the first three months will be a sort of "breaking in" or "educational" period in which warning tickets will be issued for a persons first offense. After February, anyone using their cell phone or texting and driving will be fined.

The Ontario cell phone driving law includes driving and texting, driving and e-mailing and driving and talking on a cell phone. Many people feel this is a good law to enact, including the head of the Ontario Safety League, Brian Patterson. "This is probably the best piece of legislation to deal with this issue in the country."

Cell phones and driving or texting while driving are the number one distraction for drivers under the age of 35 and if the majority of people who participated in that survey about using their cell phones while driving were honest about their age, the number would probably be much higher. Drivers are four times more likely to crash while using a cell phone then if they are keeping their eyes on the road or using a different type of cell phone communication device.

Why risk the cost of the ticket, possible jail time or the pain and suffering of an accident when you could use a Bluetooth device from http://www.ontariohighwaytrafficact.com/store.php which allows you to speak to anyone you would normally speak to on your cell phone only youll be using a device that looks like a hearing aid.

A Bluetooth cell phone device fits comfortably over either ear and can be worn all day, inside the office or outside in the fresh air, but especially in the car. Because most of the Bluetooth devices come with noise reducing microphones and voice activated dialing systems, they are perfect for the car. You will have no trouble keeping your hands at 10 and 2 on the steering wheel and still make that important business call or a call home to your kids to find out what they want for dinner.

Hands-free Bluetooth cell phone devices come in a variety of shapes, sizes and prices, one that would surely fit your budget and style. They are simple to operate and fit comfortable over either ear. The person on the other end of the conversation will not be able to tell you are wearing a Bluetooth; they have that much clarity to them. Choose your style and color from many different websites that ship them directly to your home or office for immediate use.

You have probably heard or seen people in the stores talking on their Bluetooth cellular devices and now you will be seeing a lot more than because they go from the car to the store and leave your hands free to do your shopping and still be able to take important calls.

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by: racer on

It should also be noted that any Bluetooth headset will work with any phone that supports any version of Bluetooth. You do not need to choose the same brand Bluetooth headset as your phone.

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