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Wrong Name And License On Full Disclosure.

by: sylmcgowan on

My daughter got a speeding ticket in a construction zone. The officer mentioned that because she only had one prior ticket he was going to give her a reduced fine. My daughter has had at least 5 previous convictions. My daughter was driving my other daughter's car. I guess when he pulled up the registration, he inadvertently looked up my other daughter's information. So we asked for full disclosure. After receiving it, all the information is pertaining to my other daughter, who was not driving the car when the offence occurred. So full disclosure indicates the wrong daughter is guilty. Driver's license, name, and date of birth does not match ticket. In fact, evidence on full disclosure says that the driver matched likeness on Ontario photo driver's license, which is not true. Are these fatal errors where my daughter can get this case quashed?

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by: bend on

Notes are just notes. If you have an issue with something in them, you'll have to make that argument during trial. Otherwise, the ticket wont just disappear.

Keep in mind it might not mean what you think it means. It could be the officer was keeping a record of the vehicle stopped, who it's registered to, etc.

Even if it what you think it is, it's not going to change much. The ticket is written to the correct individual. Your point about the officer matching driver to license not being true, is probably in fact true. Your daughter hands the officer her license, he looks at the picture, he looks at her face, and then he's confirmed the driver most likely matches the license. That's it really.

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