What happens next?

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What happens next?

by: pathyoffroad on
Mon Jun 06, 2011 4:29 pm

Hey, I'm new here and have a question regarding a call that I got a few days ago.

I was contacted by the local police and they said that I apparently stopped in the middle of a road and flipped them the bird, then proceeded to follow them to a nearby mall and thats it. This was on may 5th. What actually happened was, I was doing the speed limit and they were not, and they were tailgating me, so I brake checked them about 30 feet from a stop sign at a 3 way intersection. I never stopped, I just slowly coasted to the stop sign. There was someone who was proceeding through the intersection and the person behind me who was tailgating decided to pass me while I was stopped, they nearly t-boned the person who was turning as they didn't even stop at the intersection. I wait for the other guy to go ahead and then I carry on my way. After that I went to the bank because I had to get a new debit card or something like that. I never saw this person again after the intersection. :?

On the phone it was said that they identified me as wearing glasses 5 foot 8 and 30-35 years old. Well that was way off I'm 6'1 and 21 years old. How did they see me if I had my windows rolled up? I have tint on all of my windows. How do you guess someones height while their in a car?? It really bothers me that all I did was brake check (I never normally do, I was just having a bad day) and they ran a stop sign, followed too close and were speeding, yet I'm the one who gets in the hot water. Also I have relatives that live on this road so I travel on it all the time and never normally have this kind of incident.

Anyways, they said that now my plate and vehicle are tagged as an angry driver starting that day, what does that mean? Am I going to be followed or something? I have a completely spotless record other than this.

Thanks in advance!
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by: Reflections on
Mon Jun 06, 2011 5:31 pm

you were reported, nothing else. I wouldn't worry about this, if your plate has been "tagged" and an officer happens to notice you driving around, like you said, quite reasonably, then your "tag" will get removed from the system................... take it for what it is, an impatient driver who tried to use the system against you....
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