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by: Justdez on


Ok so I bought red underglow.

Now ive heard its only Ilegal if its pulsing/flashing and if the front one is on.

I have one on eachside and there a solid red colour.

Can I drive around with them on?

I Have looked up the Ontario hghway and road act cant find anything

Justin Desmarais
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by: BelSlySTi on

For cars, it is illegal to have emergency and police colors visible from the front (blue/red) from the rear, only yellow lighting is allowed surrounding your licence plate, and only red and amber for rear visible lights (no blue). I'm assuming it would be the same for the bikes as they all follow the same HTA.

When you are stationary and off a road/highway, you can have what ever colours you want. But when moving, it can't be visible from the front or rear. My car has blue underglow, I just mounted them so the bulbs are not visible from the front or the rear. Directed down, its subjective to the officer, but you can fight it in court.

IMO, don't even bother with them!

Do any mods you want, just don't mess with lighting or tints!

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by: hwybear on

Although some is a greyish area, why draw attention to yourself and being subject to being stopped until an officer can either look the section up and decide what to do (charge or not). Keep it simple flip a switch to turn on the lights and show them in parking lots and car shows, turn them off on the highway. Might save you extra 15-30min (should you be stopped) when you could be down the road farther to your destination

There is a section of no red light "casting" forward, does not say pointed forward, but casting.

Above is merely a suggestion/thought and in no way constitutes legal advice or views of my employer. www.OHTA.ca
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