Turning Right On A Red While Oncomers Have An Advanced Green

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Turning Right On A Red While Oncomers Have An Advanced Green

by: scorpio15 on

I am new here and hope someone can answer this question for me.

I am travelling east and wish to make a right turn at a red light, onto a road with two lanes going south.

The oncoming traffic (folks travelling west) have an advanced green arrow for the drivers turning south (left).

Am I allowed to turn right when my light is still red and folks are still making their advanced lefts?

I would think not because even if I stay in my own lane, my light is red, their's is green, they have the right of way. If they needed to turn right into a plaza or gas station imediately after turning left, - I would either be in their way, or could cut them off, possibly cause an accident.

As I waited to make my right turn today, an angry man kept honking his horn at me to turn. I guess he thought I should turn because there was another lane for the left turners to turn into. I waited until there were no more cars turning before proceeding.

This is not the first time this has happened to me. The reverse has also happened. I've gotten the advance arrow to turn left, turned left into the same lane and when I tried to scoot over to the right to turn into a plaza, I couldn't get in because of all the people turning right on a red.

I'm wondering if I'm the one out to lunch here and have been wrong all these years. Also wondering if there is a fine for this.



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