Ticket - Trial in Month+Half

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Ticket - Trial in Month+Half

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Hey guys..

I've been lurking this forum for a while, but never really got around to posting. I thought I would come here for some advice.

I have two tickets I received on November 15th on Dixon and Carlingview (speed trap). I was going 79 in a 60 zone (I never speed, but I wasn't thinking straight because I was late for a funeral). The ticket was reduced to 10 over ($40). The ticket had an R symbol on it as well. I also received a ticket for not having my pink insurance slip (I had my printed out version, but that didn't satisfy the cop so he gave me a ticket for failure to present insurance or whatever).

i had a first attendance/early resolution with the prosecutor. She told me that she would drop the insurance ticket if I plead guilty on the speeding charge. I declined and said I would like to go to trial. She made note on the sheet that the prosecutor could request to have my ticket increased back to the original fine.

I received my trial date Friday and its on MAY 24th 2013. That's only a month and a half away! I thought they normally give you a couple months at least.

I was going to request the discloure today/tomorrow and I was wondering how long should I wait for my disclosure to come back considering that I only have a month and half till trial. I have read places, a stay (form 4F) would be valid as long as I submit the form 15 days prior to trial. I was wondering if I could please get some advice here and whether this is possible? Also, lets see I get my disclosure a couple days prior to trial would the justice honour my 4F or would he just give me an adjournment?

Any and all help is definitely appreciated.


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