Sleep Studies And Your D/l

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Re: Sleep Studies And Your D/l

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Hi I just wanted readers to know that (in ON anyway) if you are diagnosed as "likely sleep deprived" based on results of a Sleep Analysis Test you underwent, you may end up being chained to a CPAP machine for the rest of your driving life!

So-called "sleep deprivation" is a LEGAL driving impairment in Ontario, just like drugs or alcohol- and once there is even SUSPICION you are affected, your being able to keep your D/L can and will be subject to a review by MTO. That review will seek (within a limited amount of time) proof from accredited Healthcare Professionals, that your condition --most-usually "Obstructive Sleep Apnea" or OSA-- is being managed and controlled. The vast majority of OSA sufferers will be put on CPAP therapy- with their machine's data being sent to some monitoring authority who will presumably flag MTO of any anomalies. Sure, there is likely a long list of other heath-related conditions which would trigger similar MTO reviews for D/L retention. But being lumped-in with drivers subject to immediately-impairing events such as seizures and loss of consciousness, just seemed a bit over-the-top for this poster.

Now I'm certainly not telling people to just simply AVOID getting a Sleep Test if their Physician orders it. Lots of peoples' sleep is disrupted (some significantly) by OSA, and they rightfully need to be diagnosed and receive help for it (usually by going on CPAP therapy). The fact that MTO makes that therapy mandatory to their keeping their D/L will, for those folks, be secondary to (what hopefully will be) the upshots and benefits that CPAP brings to their health.

Unfortunately there will sometimes be those Sleep Study patients who --despite being diagnosed with OSA and having to go on CPAP-- won't experience the big improvements we all tend to hear about. But regardless, those people too will be obligated to remain on CPAP therapy to keep their D/L. The process of de-certifying the results of a Sleep Test --or at-least getting a shot at a second opinion-- before MTO lifts one's Licence, is an extremely difficult and arduous task that would be beyond-reach for most. This in itself might open up an entirely new can of worms for discussion (i.e. whether Sleep Tests results truly benefit the interest of patients- or rather, those of a lucrative industry that has little oversight), but we'll try and stay on-topic for-now.

Thus those asked to take something as seemingly-benign as a Sleep Test should consider ALL the consequences before accepting.

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Re: Sleep Studies And Your D/l

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do remember that people with sleep apnea are more likely to have coronary artery disease, which can lead to heart attack. And sleep apnea also plays a role in heart failure. Untreated OSA can both lead to heart failure and make heart failure symptoms worse


If you are drive tired and have an accident or kill someone I would not want to be in that drivers shoes.

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Re: Sleep Studies And Your D/l

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I have sleep apnea and am on CPAP. I started using CPAP in about 2003 or 2004. In addition to being asthmatic, I was quite obese at the time, and my wife noticed I was occasionally gasping for air at night beyond what was normal. After I lost a bucket of weight, my apnea disappeared and I stopped using the CPAP. Fast forward a few years...some of the weight had crept back on and my 50's hit. I've been back on the CPAP for a few years.

Needless to say, the quality of my sleep is vastly improved, as is my daytime awareness. For a number of reasons, I'm at risk for a few medical things.

As far as I know, MTO has never been aware of the sleep studies I've had nor of the CPAP.

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