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as hwybear says, - radar would not make a mistake (careful how you interpret this)... ..... I think what he saying (without saying it), is that radar would not make a mistake, but the officer could!!!!

Trying to trip up an officer on the stand using radar technology can be tricky. Unless you really know what you're talking about, you may have a tough time with that. Use discoure to at least find out the exact make and model of the radar gun, and find the manual online. Then really read it. I mean STUDY it. I don't think a JP knows much about it so if you scare him with technology questions, he may favor the officer. You really need to get the officer to admit he made an error using the equipment and I highly doubt he would make a mistake (they use it every day). Then again, maybe they are complacent with such, and make all kinds of mistakes TICKETCOMBAD coyuld porobably help more on this issue than me. A better defense, is to cast doubt. Using a radar mistake is one thing, but you would need to find at least one or two additional things to show the JP that there is significant doubt. One little thing will not be enough.

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synergy wrote:Trying to trip up an officer on the stand using radar technology can be tricky. .

I can count on one hand how many speeding trials I have not been successful in. Each time was one word left out of my testimony. I will not leave any of those words out again.

The more the officer uses the equipment the more proficient the officer will be and be able to explain the equipment. If the officer is further an instructor of the equipment to other officers, even more proficient. An officer assigned only to traffic duties is going to be more proficient and at the top of the game so to speak with the equipment.

Above is merely a suggestion/thought and in no way constitutes legal advice or views of my employer.
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synergy wrote:Man, my typing sucks (on that last post). This is what you get Boys when I don't have my coffee first thing in the morning!

Once you do get your coffee inside your stomach feel free to fix up the spelling :D

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